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All You Need To Know About Stocks

Stocks, or “Shares” are units or equity ownership within a corporation.

Shares are divided into two main classes:

Common Shares
As per the name itself, this type of security is the quite “common” among investors. It gives its owner the right to take part in management decisions, as well as the distribution of dividends. During shareholder meetings, the investor has the right to cast one vote per owned share.

Preferred Shares
This type of share guarantees holders an advantage, offering priority in the distribution of corporate profits, thus they are “preferred” by investors. Owners of such securities do not own the right to vote during shareholder meetings.

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Why Do Companies Issue Shares?

This is a tool for raising capital. The acquired investment is then used for the growth and development of the corporation.

It is an important reputation component of the corporate image. It adds publicity and transparency to attract potential investors.

Stock Price

Each issued stock has a nominal value and an emission value.,

The nominal value or “face value” is the redemption price, calculated by dividing the total size of authorized capital to the number of issued shares. It is issued at the front of the share certificate.

Compared to that, the emission value mirrors the real market quotes and reflects how much the market is willing to pay for that stock.

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