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What is MAM?

MAM is an abbreviation for “Multi-Account-Manager” and it means exactly that, managing multiple accounts simultaneously, usually by a Professional Money Manager. This account type will allow the Trader to operate with the invested amount as a pool, allocating and monitoring all trades from a single software interface. MAM supports the rapid execution of multiple orders, batch transactions and instant allocation on multiple accounts, according to each account size and risk profile.

How does it work?

Money Managers place their trades on the Master or Parent account, which will then be allocated to the sub-accounts. Once profit is generated, the total amount is divided between the investors, proportionally to the size of their account.

Money Managers gain a predetermined percentage of the profit generated for their investors, called a “Performance Fee”, which is usually charged monthly or weekly. This ensures that Traders benefit only when their clients are profiting.

MAM Investor Benefits

MAM Money Manager Benefits

Less time invested

User-friendly interface

Pro Account Management

Several Allocation Methods

Portfolio Diversification

Monthly Performance Fees