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Why Invest In Gold?

Gold is one of the most liquid assets, as it’s very susceptible to economic and financial changes.

The precious metal is seen as a “safe haven” due to its proven store of value and market utility. Unlike fiat currencies or other assets, there is no risk of it becoming worthless. For this reason, during times of economic uncertainty, traders rely on this asset.

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Understanding Precious Metals

Many currencies were either physically printed with precious metals or backed-up by them, giving these assets a major role in the world economic history.

Remember the time when the US dollar was backed up by Gold? Those times have passed a long time ago, but the asset is still being used today as a back-up, against inflation.
Gold is still the number one choice for most investors, followed by Silver, Palladium and Iridium.

Silver Trading

Same as the other assets, the price of Silver is influenced by supply and demand, among other factors. We experience a higher volatility, as the demand for silver fluctuates between industrial and store value uses.

Other factors that create market movements in the metal’s price are main aspects of the global economy, such as inflation, GDP growth, refinancing rates and decisions made by global central banks.

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