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What Are Indices?

World indices are a “basket” of securities that indicate the overall health of a sector, exchange or certain economy. Usually, a stock index is made up of the top shares from a given exchange.

The most important part of trading these instruments consists of determining the sector and stocks the index is formed of.

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How To Trade Indices

CFD Indices can be traded as both Spot and Future contracts.

Spot Indices
The spot price is the current price of a security, available for immediate buying/selling. Trading this type of security allows you to keep your trades open for an indefinite timeline, thus being a preference for position traders.

Future Indices
Futures, on the other hand, delay payments and delivery to a predetermined future date. These assets can be traded for 3 months at a time, before rolling over to the next trading period.

Economic Outlook

In general, the main purpose of world indices is to create a powerful indicator for investors, giving an overall understanding of the economic impact certain events create.
While trading indices, traders should consider forecasts and market expectations. However, the overall market sentiment proved to also have a saying in this.

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