Investor Psychology

What is Investor Psychology? Investor Psychology refers to the study of emotional and mental influences on the investor’s decision-making process. Understanding your own investor psychology is an essential element of the trading journey, as both profits and losses leave an impact on the investor’s behavior. Investor behaviors and biases “Cognitive dissonance,” is a phenomenon known […]

Correlation in Market Dynamics

Introduction Correlation Analysis is a statistical tool, used in market research to examine the relationship strength between multiple assets and to asses individual securities or broader market movements.  The key factor is the common evolution of the involved variables over a specific timeframe, producing correlations with positive or negative links. The Pearson method The most […]

Behavioral Biases

Behavioral Finance is a field of study that focuses on the psychological factors which influence investors’ decisions in financial markets based on how they interpret and act on specific information. Regardless of how disciplined they are, people often make financial decisions influenced by behavioral biases. This makes investors act on emotion or make mistakes processing […]

Pound doesn’t know what to do

It doesn’t really matter how much the BoE raises the bank rate in November, by 75 basis points or 50 basis points. The environment in which the central bank makes decisions is challenging, and the deterioration in global risk appetite presses down the GBPUSD. Let’s talk about these topics and draw up a trading plan. Monthly […]

Short-term analysis for oil, gold, and EURUSD

Welcome our fellow traders! We have made a price forecast for US Crude, XAUUSD, and EURUSD using a combination of margin zones methodology and technical analysis. Based on the market analysis, we suggest entry signals for intraday traders. The short-term gold downtrend continued yesterday after the test of Intermediary Zone 1662 – 1659. Oil price forecast […]

Dollar made doves cry

According to Jerome Powell, the ceiling on the federal funds rate is higher than expected. So, a pause is out of the question. How will this affect EURUSD? Let’s discuss the topic and make up a trading plan. Monthly US dollar fundamental forecast The Fed managed to hint at a slowdown in monetary restriction, while keeping tight […]